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Alone Together: An Anthology of Isolation

A #WritingCommunity Story Collection

The Coronavirus Pandemic shocked the world and changed life as we knew it. Everyone was affected differently, and this anthology was curated to tell these stories. Made up of writers from all over the world, of every race, gender, and creed, "Alone Together" weaves a complex tapestry of the world during a Global Pandemic. Stories of tragedy, loss, and hope come together to tell a single, distinctly human story of struggle and growth. In a world of isolation, we turn towards our most basic form of communication and connection, the root of human culture: stories. Hopefully, everyone can find community and understanding in this collection.



All proceeds go to Direct Relief, a non-profit standing at the forefront of the fight against Coronavirus. Because we've made the collection free for your reading pleasure, please consider donating whatever you can to Direct Relief. Just click the button below to be taken directly to our JustGiving Page.





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